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La Nordica – Candy


The La Nordica CANDY is a stylish radiant heat wood burning free standing fireplace made entirely of very high thermic yield cast iron. The exterior entirely coated in an enamel finish. The firebox is cast iron with post combustion system. The CANDY has an average power output of 7.4 kW, peak average of 8.7kW and meets the latest “benchmark” German certification standards as well as Australian standards. Highly efficient radiant wood burning fireplace.

Other Specifications:


  • Nominal Output: 7.4kW
  • Window Height 390mm, Width 215mm
  • Firebox in G20 high thermal yield cast iron
  • Entirely cast-iron enamelled stove
  • Enamelled cast iron exterior
  • Post combustion system
  • Wood consumption: 1.5kg/hr @ medium burn rate
Heating Capacity: 80-190m2


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