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Eurofireplaces – Falun Serpentino


Serpentino Soapstone is the most efficient natural material to absorb and hold heat. The Falun Serpentino is part of the highly successful Falun family. The heater has excellent natural convection as well as 200kg of thermal mass that assists ember retention and radiates warmth slowly over many hours. The fresh air intake makes the Serpentino ideal for 6+ star rated buildings, while the high density of the soapstone will also work well in less efficient homes.

External Dimensions

Height: 1034mm
Width: 628mm
Depth: 386mm

Other Specifications:

Features: Ash Grate & Pan
Emissions: 1.3 g/kg

Heating Capacity: 240m2 (26 squares)
Efficiency: 72%

    240m2 (26 squares)

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