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CMF – Federation Edward Insert


The Federation Edward Insert is made from sturdy cast iron built to last, and is ideal for new homes or for those renovating existing fireplaces. This cast fascia can be used with our Blenheim Electric Fires, Wonderfire Gas Log Fires, or Cast Iron deep back inserts for wood fuel burning. Our cast iron deep backs (320mm deep) are ideal for masonry and non-combustible chimney installations, nothing like an open wood fireplace which creates a cosy ambience and company of an evening. Ideal for dining areas, living spaces, bedrooms, restaurants and much more. The Federation Edward Insert comes standard with Lady & Gents cast iron side infills, however, we do also have a range of recommended tile options to suit.

External Dimensions

Height: 965mm
Width: 965mm
Depth: 130mm

Internal Dimensions

Height: 630mm
Width: 495mm
Depth: 130mm

Other Specifications:

Finishes: Black / Burnished / Brassed
Optional Accessories : Tile Side Infills, Cast Deep Back Insert (with ash grate and damper control). Blenheim Electric Fire. Gas Wonderfire
Available with Deep / Shallow Back Insert for Open Fireplace use. Perfect comination with Blenheim Electric Fire, for existing fireplace renovations and new homes. Can be used for solid fuel, gas or electric fire.

Heating Capacity:

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