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Austroflamm – Clou Xtra


The Austroflamm Clou Xtra wood burning fireplace is unique and considered to be the pinnacle in design excellence – its barrel-shaped body with the large porthole is unique. The front glass is pushed forward and provided with a noble wooden handle. From the front you might think that the basic shape is a cylinder: far from it. It’s a clever optical illusion. Looking at the Austroflamm Clou Xtra wood log stove from the side reveals a flattened body shape. As a result, although it looks like it takes up a lot of space, it is actually quite narrow.

Other Specifications:


  • Austrian engineering
  • Patented “Xtra” heat storage system
  • Large firebox with round glass door
  • Design statement
Heating Capacity: 140m2
Efficiency: 66%


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