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There truly is nothing like cosying up by the fireplace, warm drink in hand, enjoying the cold weather but staying comfortable with just the right amount of heat. And with an indoor gas heater or fireplace, you and your family can enjoy quiet moments like this every day. That is because a gas fireplace does not require heaps of energy to use. It is easy to turn on and off, and you get to control its fire and heat output as well. This helps you easily manage not only energy use but also the temperature in your space. Your property should already be connected to the local gas network, so using a gas heater for your Hobart home would be a practical choice.

Gas Heaters in Hobart Tasmania care of Cradle Mountain Fireplaces

Cradle Mountain Fireplaces offer unique gas log fireplaces for a cosy atmosphere but without the hassle of an open fire. These provide safe and efficient heat, with the highest quality construction. If you are looking for quality gas fires in Tasmania, choose from our full range of gas fireplaces below. Whether natural gas or LPG, freestanding or inbuilt, we can provide you with the fireplace that best suits your space.

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